Most Convenient Driver Education Program

Shield Driving School CT is dedicated to providing our communities with safe, responsible, and highly skilled drivers. Shield driving school was developed from my passion for driving. As a former law enforcement officer, I know first-hand the issues and causes of many accidents you see on the road today. I finally can merge my law enforcement expertise and defensive driving training skills to provide and equip drivers with the knowledge they need to become safe, responsible, and defensive drivers.  – Jay Alvarez.


Shield Driving School is pleased to offer you this temporary on-line learning tool due to the COVID19 social distancing.

Now is the time to complete your Full Time Program!!

All Behind-the-Wheel driving lessons will begin after the 30 hrs of coursework is completed and the social distancing is lifted.



  1. New Students will need to Register and Pay for the course.  We can accept credit cards/checks.
  2. Our platform is Zoom and Google classroom for quizzes so you will need a Google account which is free.
  3. Current students will be receiving an invite to the online learning portal once registered.
  4. Requirements: Each Zoom course is 2 hours and follows the Shield Driving School calendar on the website.
  5. Course work will be assigned and a quiz to follow. Signatures are required on the completed quizzes. (a full description will be listed on Google classroom with the coursework.
  6. CALL NOW to REGISTER!!, class size is limited.

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